Our company has over twenty five years experience as suppliers, manufacturers and fixers of natural stone products and we pride ourselves on the skills and expertise that we have acquired during this time.

Throughout the last three decades we have seen considerable changes with regards to what might be considered the ‘fashion’ in natural stone. However, one thing that has remained constant is the public’s fascination with the material: a fascination that we at Vitruvius share wholeheartedly. We use our experience and knowledge of the industry to help our clients achieve beautiful results on a range of projects.

Working extensively across London and the South East, we have built a reputation as one of the finest companies of our kind and are well known as a premiere supplier of marble, granite, limestone and other natural stone.

With a busy workshop, a team of dedicated fabricators and fixers and a collection of expert suppliers and contractors, we have the requisite resources to ensure an outstanding outcome on every project we undertake.

We import beautiful natural stone from all over the world allowing us to supply raw materials as well as enabling us to design and fit spectacular finished products at our customer’s behest.

Our company ethos is built upon a commitment to quality and based on the philosophy that our customer’s needs take priority above all else.

Vi•tru•vi•us [vi-troo-vee-uh s]

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio was a Roman architect and engineer who, in approximately 15BC, wrote a treatise entitled De Architectura. Dedicated to the emperor Augustus, Vitruvius’ work is the only extant text from classical antiquity to fully consider the subject.

Vitruvius’ dedicated study of buildings and his knowledge of the materials used in their construction makes him the ideal ‘patron’ for Vitruvius Limited. His emphasis on quality and longevity is one that we strive to emulate and we hope that you will take his advice when embarking upon your next project with us:

“Itaque si qui voluerit ex his commentariis animadvertere et eligere genus structurae, perpetuitatis poterit rationem habere.”

“The one who in accordance with these notes, takes care in selecting his method of construction, may be sure of having something that will last.”
(De Architectura 8.8)

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